Parts and prototypes

printing 3d parts and prototypes

We are able to produce virtually any part or element for you according to your needs.

All elements are printed in 3d technology on an advanced device with a working area of 1.5 sq m. It is one of the largest machines of this type in the country. The use of the right nozzle size, the right material for printing and the proper preparation of the project, gives us the guarantee of receiving a satisfactory quality of the final product.

Why print 3D parts

3d printed prototypeMany manufacturers consider the 3d printing technique to be invaluable in the functioning of their companies. Very often at the design, prototyping or test run stages, there is a need to produce a perfectly reproduced plastic element in a very small amount. In the case of uncertainty in the success of the entire project, the creation of injection molds and ordering hundreds or thousands of copies of one element, becomes not necessarily a reasonable solution. Among other things, in such cases, we face our clients with a ready solution. By helping to refine the model, advising on the material from which we will make the item, we give the recipients exactly what they needed with a relatively low final cost. Depending on the complexity of the facility, we are able to create it in a few hours to literally several working days.

suitable materials for production

3d printed partIstnieje bardzo wiele materiałów, z których możemy wykonać wydruk. Jedne charakteryzują się bardzo wysoką twardością, inne elastycznością. Odpowiedni dobór materiału, z którego wykonany zostanie wydruk, pozwoli nam uniknąć problemów związanych z kurczliwością podczas stygnięcia, zbyt dużą łamliwością bądź niewystarczającą wytrzymałością na warunki atmosferyczne.

Mostly used materials

  • PLA - Biodegradable.
  • PLA+
  • PLA Wood
  • ABS-X
  • ABS-FX
  • ABS-AX
  • ABS-STi
  • ASA
  • PET-G
  • PMMA
  • PC-X
  • PC-IN
  • Nylon PA 6/66
  • Nylon PA 12
  • Bioflex - Biodegradable.
  • TPU
  • BubbleGlass
  • NanoCarbon
  • PVA oraz BvOH
  • HIPS